Thursday, May 14, 2009

Well I'm all done. I did get my EIC award and promotion. I wanted it to be a suprise so that't why I told her I didnt get it. I'm glad its over and I'm happy to be home. Looking back I guess I did have some fun. It wansn't nearly as hard as I thought it would be. The things I thought would be the hardest were actually the easiest. I start training with my unit in June and it looks like I will be leaving for a couple more weeks since my summer at is in June instead of July like I was originally told. Thanks again to everyone who wrote and helped out Nel at one time or another.

Monday, May 4, 2009

4/30/09 The last letter!

This is the last letter!! They have been super busy getting stuff cleaned, turned in, and ready to go. He was told today that his EIC award didn't go through, but wasn't given a reason why. Monday they turn all their equipment in. Tuesday is out processing. He's happy to turn in his M16 (but he really loved it since it's name was Nelly). He says Thanks to everyone for all the letters. He won't be able to write anyone back. They are back to work so that's the end of the letter. The Last Letter!! He's hoping for a call. I received this letter on 5/4/09 and still haven't got a phone call. It's been almost 3 and 1/2 weeks since I've got to talk to him and I've only gotten 3 letters in the last 2 and 1/2 weeks. At least I'll get to see him in 2 days!! I can't wait. The next post will probably be Chuck back, so just wanted to say that it's been fun but I'm glad it's done. Can't wait to have him home, even if it's just for a little while. Who knows when he'll have to leave again.


He did it. He has a paintball thing to do tomorrow and that's it. They got their golden cross saber pins. He passed all his tests so he should get the EIC award. It has to be approved. Chuck hasn't had a shower since last Wednesday. It was really hot at the FOB. They weren't able to sleep at night, but they could take cat naps during the day in between training. Did the 20k march back. Chuck made it!! He was at the back of the pack, but he at least finished it. They left the FOB at midnight and got back to the barracks at 0615. He's feeling pretty sore now. The next week is cleaning and turning everything in. Dinner time.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Went for a nice run today. Chuck and his new battle buddy got smoked this morning because a DS had been off for a while and wanted to make sure he could still do a good job smoking them. He thought it was funny that I forgot to turn the gas back on when me and Dad were starting my motorcycle. He says he won't give me a hard time about it but Dad did already so that's OK. They are getting ready to leave for the FOB so no more letters for a while. They eat field chow(small portions of whatever they send out) and MRE's for the next week so he isn't looking forward to that. Then they'll train for one day when they get back and then do all of their out-processing and turning in gear. He hopes that he'll get a phone call when they get back, but not for sure if it's gonna happen. Time for shower and bed. Fireguard tonight. It'll be at least a week of so until another letter.


Today has been a good day so far. He talked the DS into letting him take the PT test and he passed with a 266( had to have 230). The DS made sure that he knew if anything happened to his shoulder he was getting in trouble. He did 78 push-ups, ran the mile in 14:20, and 62 sit-ups. He is writing 2 essays that he has to turn in. Then sometime he will be going in front of the board. (some big high up guys, I guess). Then they got smoked. And then they went and got haircuts, and got smoked again. He has fireguard again tonight. He enjoyed getting the letter and card that everyone signed on Easter. Got smoked again. Time for shower and bed.

He is talking a lot about our trip to Nashville. One of the guys he's friends with is from there so we may meet him for lunch one day. Then he told me the more I save on a hotel the more I have to spend on a coach purse at the outlet. Still in red phase. His shoulder is hurting him more today(couldn't be from the push-ups, could it). They didn't have any of the bad weather that they were getting down south. He is already trying to plan a get together for when he gets home. We'll let everyone know about that.


They are all back in red phase because of the candy thing and they are all really mad. That means 30 second showers, 2 minutes to eat, and all that good stuff from when they first started. They are also not getting their mail. He got to drive the tank and Humvee yesterday and he enjoyed that. It was just 4Th platoon so it was more chill (Chuck's words not mine). When they are in the barracks they have to sit in the hall, unless they are cleaning or sleeping. He went back to the clinic about his shoulder today. They put him on restrictions and gave him some ibuprofen and a muscle relaxer. The Dr. thinks it's a pulled muscle. The final PT test is tomorrow, but he's not sure if he can take it because of his restrictions. He passed the 3 tests he took the other day. Just one more left but that's when they are out at the FOB for the week. He was told that there is a minimum score of 270 on the PT test, but he hasn't heard that from the DS yet. He wanted everyone to know that he probably won't be able to get letters out for a while. He found out that he needs to get 230 to qualify for the EIC (excellence in Cavalry) award. He is the only one from his platoon that is qualified. He will have to go in front of the promotion board and write essays if he passes the PT test. They are still telling him that he can't take his PT test tomorrow so he's upset about that. The make-up date is the day after they come back from the FOB, march 20k back from the FOB. He's hoping he can do it tomorrow and not have to wait, since he felt bad after the 15k march. He finally got some mail tonight. Got some from me, mom, and grandma.


Chuck had fireguard last night. He had the last shift which meant that he started at 0040-0200 and never got to go back to sleep. Also the new troop is still getting yelled at so that's even less sleep. They are reviewing the Humvee's and Bradley's today and get to start driving them next week. 2ND and 3rd platoon made the DS's mad so they all got in trouble and had to get dress and go outside in formation at 2100,2200,2300,0000,0200. (9pm,10pm,11pm,12am,2am). Chuck just finished laundry and has his locker all straightened out. He was made temporary Platoon Leader because a lot of people have dentist appointments today. Took another test and passed with flying colors. There was a guy that was sneaking and buying candy and selling it to others. The DS's did a sting and caught him but now everyone is in trouble for it.

Back to red phase thanks to the candy smuggler. Not allowed to make calls, write letters, or anything else. More getting into formation last night. 3 more tests to take today.